Argos Junior

Argos Junior is a free, special version of Argos.

Argos Jr. is designed to be simple and easy to use.

Argos Jr. is a powerful and effective data-analysis system for its simplicity.

With our Quick Start, Argos Jr. lets you swiftly begin exploring your data.

Upgrade to Argos anytime, when you feel like it.


Argos Jr. is free.

Just download, install, and start Argos Jr. No hassle.

Both systems have 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Linux and Microsoft Windows (XP or newer). The differences between these two systems are summarized in the following table:

Argos JuniorArgos
Session lengthOne hourUnlimited
Loading patchesNoYes
Saving & loading workspacesNoYes
Graphical auditingUp to 30 operations recorded✳Unlimited
Audit StorageIn memory onlyIn memory or file system
Saving plots in PDF FormatNoYes
Publishing work to WebNoYes
✳ Operations that move plots around or resize them are recorded but are not counted toward the limit of 30 operations.

For a list of features and functions, please see the Product Comparisons section below.


A visual discovery environment for students, educators, and businesses alike, Argos is designed for everyday data analysis, especially analysis of large and complex data sets. It runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux and Microsoft Windows (XP or newer).

Find the insight in your data fast with Argos' intuitive, user-friendly design.

Let Argos take care of the repetitive clicking for you with Graphical Auditing.

Argos comes with a full set of cleverly integrated plots and tools.

Get free extendable one-year access to cool new features and updates.

Argos automatically comes with free one-year extendable support.

Argos has an academic discount available.

The Software Support Plan

free with Argos

Get free access to new releases.

Obtain help and released software patches.

Starts with free one-year coverage. Extendable too!

The Software Support Plan entitles you to upgrade to any new releases of Argos as well as obtain any software patches while it is in effect. For any new Argos releases obtained while the Software Support Plan is in effect, previously purchased licenses will still be good forever.

Should your Software Support Plan expire, any new Argos releases you download will automatically revert back to Argos Junior. However, you will still be able to use your older releases with full Argos capabilities after your Software Support Plan expires.

Software Support Plans can only be renewed while you have a valid Software Support Plan. One year of a Software Support Plan is worth $30. The Chi-Square Works, Inc. will contact you to renew your Software Support Plan 30 days before it expires.

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Developed for use by scientists and researchers to meet the rigors of science and industry, Panmo comes with an expanded set of fully-featured analytical, graphical, and presentation tools.

Panmo runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux and Microsoft Windows (XP or newer).

Optional modules are available to Microsoft Windows versions of Panmo and provide functionality for analyzing automatic microscopy data (or HCS in short) and FLIPR data. We offer these modules for Linux by special request only. Please contact us for details

For a list of features and functions, please see the Product Comparisons section below.

To request a trial copy of Panmo, please fill out the following form. We will email you a URL for downloading a trial copy of Panmo and a license file. Panmo will not work without a properly installed license file. The trial period is 15 days.

Built for Science and Industry

Panmo lets you explore your data like no other system can.

Interact with your data

like never before

Panmo's innovative features like painting and LIPS-Loop bring striking relationships in data to light.

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Works with tools you know 

Interface directly to your databases and instruments with our HCS module.

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Focus more on your data

(less on the system)

Let Panmo operate itself as you've specified so you can concentrate on your data.

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Optional Modules

Optional modules are available to work with Panmo to analyze automatic microscopy and FLIPR data. These modules are fully integrated with Panmo to form a synergistic data exploration and analysis environment.

Automatic microscopy, also known as high-content screening or HCS, produces heterogeneous, multivariate, big and messy data with lots of "junk" mixed in. Panmo is perfectly suited to sift through such data and its vast mines of information.

Three modules are available to work with Panmo:

  1. HCS image module
  2. Cell cycle analysis module
  3. Impressionist density plot module

With multiple plates of kinetic FLIPR data, there can be a plate-to-plate variability with regards to the "average" response. If this variability is large, it can obviously adversely affect the clustering of the FLIPR data.

The FLIPR module is designed to normalize a set of FLIPR data by taking out this plate-to-plate variability.

If you do not have a copy of Panmo with a valid license, please request a trial of both Panmo and optional modules here.

If you have a copy of Panmo with a valid license, please fill out the following form.

Product Comparisons

System FeaturesArgos JuniorArgosPanmo
LIPS loop
Graphical auditing
Logical zooming
Extensive trellis plot support
Data retrieval
Data input with Common Lisp
Saving and loading workspaces
Loading modules
Loading patches
Saving plots in PNG
Saving plots in PDF
Saving plots in PostScript

If a plot can be trellised, a ▦ is displayed to its right.

Graphical FunctionsArgos JuniorArgosPanmo
2D Histogram ▦
Boxplot ▦
Scatterplot ▦
Table plot ▦
Tukey sum-difference plot ▦
Barplot ▦
Histogram ▦
Pie chart ▦
Parallel coordinate plot (PCP) ▦
X-Rayed PCP ▦
Minimal spanning tree planing ▦
Variable resolution bivariate plot ▦
Multivariate P-P plot
Lowess smoothing
List view
Dot plot
Analytical FunctionsArgos JuniorArgosPanmo
Classification and regression trees (CART)
Linear Regression
Hierarchical clustering
K-Means clustering
Self-organizing maps
Principal component analysis
Multivariate runs test
Multivariate Smirnov test
Multivariate sign test